Transfer of property
(after death of owner)

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After the death of the property owner, there are usually many different types of assets which need to be transferred to the rightful legal heirs or beneficiaries. In India, the procedure to transfer assets varies based on a number of different factors, namely:

Presence or absence of a valid and/or registered Will

Jurisdiction where the Will was written

Location of the property in India

Type of property being transferred

Whether nomination has been done for financial assets

Furthermore, the requirements differ based on the type of asset as well as the institution housing these assets.

Here's how Yellow can help

At Yellow, our expert team is well versed with the transfer requirements of both Indian and NRI families for all asset types based in India.

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the seamless transfer of all types of assets, from life insurance, pension, immovable properties and movable assets, following the passing of a family member.

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500+ specialised agents, lawyers and CAs across India

Why Choose Yellow?

With a team of 500+ specialised agents, lawyers and CAs across India to help take care of all the legalities and paperwork, we offer the most comprehensive and hassle-free solution nationwide.

  • Simplified processes and one key point of contact
  • Access to experienced estate planners, empaneled lawyers, and claims experts
  • Transparent pricing and reduced time compared to alternatives/agents
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Here's what our customers have to say

You don’t have to chase the Yellow team for updates - they do it on their own, which is rare in the legal world

Puneet Kaul

We were impressed with the legal team’s level of expertise regarding complex situations, multiple jurisdictions, etc

Jai Gill

The Yellow team’s professionalism, commitment to complete the task, and regular followups/suggestions made my experience a pleasant one

Nishanth Reddy Jeeru

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Will affect the transfer of property?

How long does it take to transfer property after death?

How can I apply for a legal heir certificate to facilitate the property transfer process?

In case of disputes among legal heirs, how is the property transfer process resolved?

How else can we help?

Navigating the aftermath of a loved one's passing and the complexities of asset transfer can be overwhelming. Yellow is here to provide the guidance and support you need.

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