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A Power of Attorney (POA) is a legally binding document that grants a trusted third party or entity the authority to represent you in critical decision-making regarding personal matters. This becomes invaluable when circumstances prevent you from being physically present or capable of making medical decisions. Essentially, the POA empowers an 'agent' to act as your authorised representative, ensuring your interests are protected and your affairs such as financial and medical matters are managed effectively.

Types of Power of Attorney

Understanding the different types of POAs is crucial as it determines the scope and extent of powers granted to your chosen representative. Here are the main types of Power of Attorney in India.

General Power of Attorney (GPA)

A GPA grants broad powers to your chosen agent, allowing them to manage various financial matters and legal affairs on your behalf. This can include sweeping authority for selling property, filing tax returns, paying bills, managing bank accounts, and other personal and business decisions.

Special Power of Attorney (SPA)

A Special Power of Attorney (SPA), on the other hand, provides special or limited power to your representative. An SPA grants limited authority to your agent to perform a particular task or take certain decisions on your behalf. For instance, you might grant financial power to an SPA for selling a specific property or handling a particular legal document.

Further, a POA can be categorised as revocable or irrevocable. A revocable POA is one in which the principal or the person creating the POA can easily revoke power. Whereas, an irrevocable POA is typically not revocable by the principal. 

Tips to bear in mind while dealing with a POA

Scope and Duration

A power of attorney grants someone the legal authority to make certain decisions on your behalf only while you are alive. A POA ceases to be effective upon the principal's death.


Since you are delegating significant authority to an authorized agent, it's crucial to choose someone you trust implicitly. This individual should act in your best interests and follow your instructions faithfully.

Clear and Precise Language

The POA document should be carefully drafted, using clear and precise language. Avoid vague terms or ambiguous clauses to prevent any misunderstandings or disputes in the future.

Legal Formalities

Ensure that your POA is executed in accordance with legal requirements. This includes paying the necessary stamp duty if applicable and complying with registration laws to ensure that the POA is considered a valid and legally binding document.

Termination and Revocation

If you decide to terminate or revoke the POA for any reason, follow the proper legal procedures. Notify both the agent and any third parties who might be involved. If your POA was registered, ensure that the cancellation document is also registered to formalize the revocation.

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