Ancillary Inheritance Services

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In times of loss, the details can feel overwhelming. We understand that every estate is unique, and so are the needs that come with it. Our services are adaptable, ensuring that whatever tasks may arise during this sensitive period, we are equipped to address them.

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Taxation Expertise

Proficient handling of tax-related matters, including filing returns on behalf of the deceased.

Utility Transfer Assistance

Facilitation of the seamless transfer or closure of utility connections.

Legal Documentation

Preparation and drafting of essential legal documents as required.

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500+ specialised agents, lawyers and CAs across India

Why Choose Yellow?

With a team of 500+ specialised agents, lawyers and CAs across India to help take care of all the legalities and paperwork, we offer the most comprehensive and hassle-free solution nationwide.

  • Simplified processes and one key point of contact
  • Access to experienced estate planners, empaneled lawyers, and claims experts
  • Transparent pricing and reduced time compared to alternatives/agents
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How else can we help?

Navigating the aftermath of a loved one's passing and the complexities of asset transfer can be overwhelming. Yellow is here to provide the guidance and support you need.

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