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What exactly is a Will?

A Will, often referred to as a "Last Will and Testament," is a legal document that outlines your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets and the care of your dependents after you pass away.

A Will serves the following key functions

Communicates your wishes regarding distribution of your assets to your loved ones.

Provides clarity on the list of assets heldto ensure your money doesn't end up in unclaimed accounts.

Reduce the chances of disputes and prevent legal battles among family members.

Enables you to make key decisions regarding who should be the Guardian of your minor children, and Executor of your estate, among other things.

What happens without a Will?

If an Indian passes away without leaving a Will, it is known as "intestate death". Your estate will become subject to the Indian Succession Act, the Hindu Succession Act, and multiple other complex personal laws. These laws decide who your beneficiaries or legal heirs will be, in what proportion your assets will be distributed, and who will be the Guardian of your children.

How to make a Will in India

The below points constitute the basic requirements to make a Will in india

Legal age
Own independent decision
Sound Mind
Appointment of Executor
Testator's Signature
Witness Signature
Will format
Not required for a legally binding and valid Will:
Stamp paper

By choosing Yellow to create your Will, you're ensuring that all essential details are meticulously included, meeting the highest standards for a legally robust Will.

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The importance of making a Will at every age

Whether you're just starting your career or are ready to retire, the best day to create your Will is today.

20-30 years


Put good financial practices in place now, that you can build on as you mature. If you are newly married, it’s time to make sure you have updated your plan to include your spouse.

30-40 years


With dependents, it’s now critically important to appoint a Guardian for your minor children; something that can only be done through a Will.

40-60 years


A more independent family requires uninterrupted access to resources for education, health, and household expenses.

60+ years


If you haven’t already, putting a plan in place for the smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation is an important step.

Making your Will with Yellow

Designed with you in mind, we've simplified the process of writing your Will. Now you can create it, update it, and even get a printed copy sent straight to your doorstep — all with the click of a button.

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Your Yellow Will

Designed by succession planning experts, a Yellow Will is drafted with best practices in mind.

Accurately convert your wishes into a legal document

Create a detailed asset register with the ability to add 30+ asset classes

Customised asset distribution among your beneficiaries

Notify stakeholders seamlessly

Save your progress and generate your Will anytime, anywhere

Expert tips and tools to help make your Will more robust

Easily update your Yellow Will to reflect life changes

Add-on services, like calls with experts, and Will registration

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