Simplify and Save with Yellow SMART

Dealing with settling an estate after a loss can be painful. Yellow SMART offers a solution that’s swift, cost-effective, and thorough, lightening your load during this challenging time.

Yellow SMART saves you time and money.

Without Yellow SMART

Understanding What’s Needed: Families struggle to figure out the necessary legal and financial actions.

Executing the Tasks: Traditional methods require coordinating with multiple agents, which is time-consuming and costly.

Covering the Costs: Traditional services often charge high fees, typically a percentage of the asset value

With Yellow SMART

Expert Guidance: We assess your specific situation to determine exactly what needs to be done, providing clarity and direction.

One-stop Solution: Our single-window solution simplifies the process. We handle everything, utilising a network of over 500 specialised agents, lawyers, and chartered accountants.

Fair Pricing: Independent agents may charge up to 25% of asset value, while our fees are effort-based, not value-based.

Your Unique Needs, Your Tailored Solution

Explore our comprehensive suite of services, from probate of Will to property transfer. Whether you require one or all, we’ll craft a personalized bundle to suit your exact needs. Prices start from as little as Rs 4,999.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intestate succession?
My father died intestate. What documents do I need to start the transfer of property after death of owner?
What are the legal rights to property and assets for an adopted child in India?
Is there a specific timeline for settling the deceased's financial matters?

Here's what our customers have to say

You don’t have to chase the Yellow team for updates - they do it on their own, which is rare in the legal world

Puneet Kaul

We were impressed with the legal team’s level of expertise regarding complex situations, multiple jurisdictions, etc

Jai Gill

The Yellow team’s professionalism, commitment to complete the task, and regular followups/suggestions made my experience a pleasant one

Nishanth Reddy Jeeru

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