Don't leave your family unprotected. Make your Will online with Yellow

Creating a Will is every Indian’s responsibility toward their family. Start now with Yellow, India's most comprehensive legacy and estate planning solution.

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Don't leave your family unprotected. Make your Will online with Yellow

Creating a Will is every Indian’s responsibility toward their family. Start now with Yellow, India's most comprehensive legacy and estate planning solution.

Designed by estate planning experts with 50+ years of experience

We offer assistance with optional Will registration and other offline procedures

We encrypt and protect your data so nobody has access to it, but you

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A comprehensive approach to legacy planning

Trust your Will
to the experts

Trust your Will to the experts

We have seen first-hand the trouble that families face due to poorly drafted Wills, which can end up costing them considerable time and money, and increases the chance of legal disputes. There are many best practices that go into creating a high-quality Will, and each person’s situation is different. Putting all this together requires expertise that can only come from legal knowledge, and decades of practical experience.

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Thousands of Indians are using Yellow to protect their families.

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Why do I need a Will (वसीयत)?

A Will is the best way of communicating your list of assets to your family members. It is currently estimated that assets worth up to ₹1.5 lakh crore are lying unclaimed in Indian accounts, because families are not even aware they exist once their loved ones have passed away.

Without a Will

In India, the laws based on your religion dictate who receives your assets and who becomes the legal Guardian of your minor children.

It can take years, and cost lakhs of rupees for your family to access the assets you left for them.

Appointing a nominee is not the same as making a Will. A nominee is not the legal heir.

Good to know

Assets inherited via a Will are tax exempt in the hands of the Beneficiary.

Registration is not required for a Will to be considered legally valid.

Make your Will with expert guidance

Need help to get started? Book an in-person walkthrough and let our app experts guide you through the entire process from start to finish. You can even meet with a legal expert to clarify your questions and concerns.

SEBI Revamps Nomination Rules to Tackle Unclaimed Assets

In a significant update, SEBI has overhauled the nomination process for asset transfers after death, aiming to reduce unclaimed assets. Learn how these changes affect your estate planning and why a Will is more crucial than ever.

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The Yellow Advantage

Simplified & streamlined

Now, with guided modules and access to experts, creating your Will is quick, easy, and stress-free.

Legally valid

Designed by lawyers, enabled by technology. Once signed, a Yellow Will is valid in India.

Affordable & easy to use

Affordably priced based on your needs. You can create your Will via our mobile app or website.

Private & secure

We use SSL and AES 256-bit encryption to ensure no one can see your data but you. Find out more

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Yellow Smart is a one-stop solution for your family for post-demise asset recovery and transfer. Learn more

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The Yellow Advantage

Create your legal Will online. Yellow provides a simple solution - all from the convenience of your home.

Expert lawyers

Designed by experts with 50+ years of experience

secure will maker

We encrypt your data so no one has access to it but you

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Low price Will maker app

Cost-effective and easy to use

Legal Will

A Yellow Will is 100% legally valid in India

Legal experts

Guided modules and access to legal experts

Will Registration

We will register your Will for you

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Access to experienced estate planners, lawyers, and claims experts

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